The Denver Hospice

For over three decades, more than 60,000 patients and their family members have turned to us for care and comfort during difficult times.
As Colorado’s leader in hospice and palliative care we are committed to caring for everyone who comes through our door wherever they call home.
The Denver Hospice cares for the elderly at the end of their long, rich lives, those struck far too young by advanced illness, offers comfort to those who choose to battle their life-limiting illness, offers comfort and grief counseling to families and friends.

Levels of Hospice Care with The Denver Hospice


The Denver Hospice provides different levels of hospice care to meet the needs of patients and their families.

Routine Hospice Care

Routine hospice care from The Denver Hospice is provided in the comfort and security of your home, wherever you are - home, assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility. A hospice nurse works with the patient's primary physician to assure the appropriate services are available at your home. Our clinical hospice team also works with caregivers to help them feel comfortable performing routine care activities.

Respite Care

Respite care is provided when day-to-day care for a loved one with advanced illness is physically and emotionally demanding. The Denver Hospice provides respite care to patients that provides caregivers short-term relief and assure quality, attentive care for the patient while they are away. Respite hospice care is usually provided at a skilled nursing facility.

Continuous Care (Care Plus)

Advanced illness is often accompanied by severe symptoms that change over time. The Denver Hospice offers continuous care - also called Care Plus - in the home-setting to help manage these symptoms and enhance patient comfort. This type of care is provided for a set number of hours per day for a few days.

General Inpatient Hospice Care

When managing symptoms becomes too complex for the home setting, general Inpatient Hospice Care offers the best solution. This type of care involves a short-term stay in a hospice care center or skilled nursing facility, so that 24-hour skilled nursing care can be provided. Many of the patients we serve receive this level of care in our own Denver Hospice Inpatient Care Center at Lowry. Here our highly-trained staff provides intensive nursing, spiritual and supportive care to meet each patient's unique needs. The length of stay is determined by our Inpatient Care Center nurse and our physician. Most insurance policies cover room and board at this level of care.