The Denver Hospice

For over three decades, more than 60,000 patients and their family members have turned to us for care and comfort during difficult times.
As Colorado’s leader in hospice and palliative care we are committed to caring for everyone who comes through our door wherever they call home.
The Denver Hospice cares for the elderly at the end of their long, rich lives, those struck far too young by advanced illness, offers comfort to those who choose to battle their life-limiting illness, offers comfort and grief counseling to families and friends.

Levels of Engagement

The Denver Hospice NextGen welcomes community engagement in a variety of ways. Membership levels are defined by commitment of one or more of the following:  resources, time and skills. 

All NextGen members are asked to leverage the mission of The Denver Hospice across their personal and professional networks, and serve as advocates for NextGen at our meetings, volunteer opportunities and special events. Read more about the various levels of engagement below, and contact us at or (303) 398-6236 to join our efforts today!


Membership Levels

NextGen Supporter (Resources, time, and skill)

  • Hospice by volunteering, attending, donating, and/or promoting functions and efforts

NextGen Committee Member (Time and skill)

  • Volunteer to serve on one committee and serve in a leadership capacity to plan NextGen functions and attract new members and supporters

NextGen Board Member (Resources, Time and Skill)

  • Provide leadership, direction, and vision for NextGen
  • Attend and plan NextGen meetings, special events and volunteer functions
  • Make an annual financial commitment of $500

NextGen Leader (Resource)

  • Commitment of at least $1,000 to The Denver Hospice Caring for the Future campaign
  • Open invitation to participate in volunteer projects, events and other activities