The Denver Hospice

For over three decades, more than 60,000 patients and their family members have turned to us for care and comfort during difficult times.
As Colorado’s leader in hospice and palliative care we are committed to caring for everyone who comes through our door wherever they call home.
The Denver Hospice cares for the elderly at the end of their long, rich lives, those struck far too young by advanced illness, offers comfort to those who choose to battle their life-limiting illness, offers comfort and grief counseling to families and friends.

Board and Committees

NextGen Board of Directors

Mark Davidson, Chair
Oliver Loftus, Vice Chair
Jamie Gilmore, Chair – Events Committee
Sarah Dixon, Board Member
2013-14 NextGen Board Application
NextGen is seeking new Board of Directors members. If you are interested please submit a NextGen Board Member Application.
NextGen Committees
The Next Gen Events Committee is responsible for developing and hosting events that create awareness and raise funds for The Denver Hospice.  In addition, we provide opportunities for members to volunteer for The Denver Hospice.

The NextGen Membership and Marketing Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention as well as communications efforts surrounding Next Gen activities and events.  We also provide marketing and promotional support for the Event Committee.  We manage social media efforts for Next Gen in cooperation with The Denver Hospice staff. 

To learn more about NextGen and join one of the NextGen Committees, please contact us at or call (303) 398-6236.
NextGen Leaders
Vincent Abrue
Charla Carter
Darci J. Clark
Ross Cleveland
Mark & Sarah Davidson
Sarah Dixon
Rebekah Forthofer
Lindsay N. Fryer
Andrew Hall
Joshua Hanfling
Anne L. Hanson
Andrew Hudson
Oliver Loftus
Leigh McMahon
Blake Nielsen
Elizabeth Peros
Aleece L. Raw