The Denver Hospice

For over three decades, more than 60,000 patients and their family members have turned to us for care and comfort during difficult times.
As Colorado’s leader in hospice and palliative care we are committed to caring for everyone who comes through our door wherever they call home.
The Denver Hospice cares for the elderly at the end of their long, rich lives, those struck far too young by advanced illness, offers comfort to those who choose to battle their life-limiting illness, offers comfort and grief counseling to families and friends.

Faces of The Denver Hospice

Each and every one of our patients has a unique history. We hope to keep their dreams alive by sharing their stories so that their legacy may live on. The Denver Hospice has seen artists and astronauts, mothers and fathers, models and actors, politicians and grandparents. All of their stories are different, but they share a common bond of receiving the best care that Denver has to offer.


Elvin Kronquist

The Life Story of Elvin Kronquist: Preserving a Legacy

Whitney began working with Elvin in January of 2015, when a referral was made to the Art Therapy Integrative Department of The Denver Hospice to help Elvin reflect on and record his life. In the midst of reflecting on his legacy, Elvin became afraid that when he died his stories would die with him. The idea to write his experiences down came from Vickie Cominiello, a Denver Hospice nurse’s aid.

Francisco Subiadur-Fisher


The Cuba-to-Colorado Life Adventure

Long, lean and laughing…that’s what those who meet Francisco Subiadur-Fisher remember when they have been in his presence. Well, that and the powerful, philosophical stories he shares of a life lived in two countries, across nearly seven decades and through tumultuous times.

Marvel Hillenbrand


The Music That Was Marvel

Life wasn’t always a song for Marvel Hillebrand. Her dreams of being an accountant were derailed by the Depression. Two of her children preceded her in death. And she longed for adventures beyond her wife-and-homemaker life in Toledo, Ohio. 

Sally Crabtree


A Meaningful Goodbye

When family and friends speak of Sally Crabtree, the words they use paint a vibrant portrait. An inspiration. Loved aerobics. Always smiling. Spiritually strong.
Cornelius (Neil) Jones Sr.


Veteran's Accomplishments Uncovered 61 Years Later

A week before Cornelius (Neil) Jones Sr. was drafted into the Korean War he went  AWOL. Being the family man that he was, he did not  want to leave his wife pregnant  with the soon-to-be-born daughter.
Max Powell


A Pioneering Journey into Space and Beyond

“I haven’t lived a day in my life there wasn’t war,” earnestly remarks Max. This simple statement has permeated his existence as he reminisces on life.
Julian Fernandez


Family Strong

Julian is 93 years of age and headed for 99. That’s the bet he’s made with his extended family, and they’re working as a team to help him make it. 
Leroy Frank Nelson Jr.


A Comfortable Blanket on a Cold Day

As Coordinator of Volunteers for The Denver Hospice, Lori Nelson Carothers is well aware of the skill and sensitivity care teams bring to the bedside. Now, having experienced that support during her father’s last months, she’s quick to express an added dimension of appreciation. 


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Sharon Connell


Into the Universe

It was at last winter’s solstice that Sharon Connell had one of her greatest wishes granted: she saw the sun as few on the planet will ever see it. But her view from the snow-edged patio at Denver’s Holly Heights Care Center encompassed far more than the muted December sky and the shining golden orb.


Steve Wilson​


An Artist's Story

For 18 years artist Steve Wilson and his wife Michelle White each day would write notes to each other and use their creative skills to decorate cards.


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Scott Carpenter 


An Astronaut's Story

The Denver Hospice was honored to care for Mercury 7 astronaut Scott Carpenter who died in The Denver Hospice Inpatient Care Center at Lowry surrounded by his family on October 10, 2013.


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Charlotte Dupree 


 It Takes a Team to Tango

One of December’s coldest, snowiest days was no match for the sizzling steps and strong rhythm of tango dancers at Amberwood Court Care Center. Many enjoyed the performance, but the smoldering eyes of the Champion Dance Sports artists spoke only to one: Charlotte Dupree.

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Shamiya Edmonds


 The Denver Hospice Grants a Special Wish

When Shamiya was a teenager, her mother Shondra Edmonds said the walls of her room and even the ceiling were covered with photos and posters of cards. Lamborghinis, Maserati's, Porsches and others were her dream cars.

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 Jim Hill


 Sacred Ground

Jim Hill entered The Denver Hospice Inpatient Care Center at Lowry after he had an accident in the home. His family came from across the country to be with him including his daughter and medical power of attorney Gigi Hill.

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